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Butcher Black: The Chop Shop IpodKingCarter Interview



I’ve relaunched my Podcast and my first guest is none other than Mr. IpodKingCarter himself “Yerp!!!”. Check out my interview with him above. I will have more guest in the coming weeks. Please like, share and SUBSCRIBE. Yes I need 100 subs to be considered for iHeart Radio. I know with hard work, good guest and support from you  it can happen. I thank you all in advance.



9-4-2014 10-42-58 AM

September 4, 2014 – Today EA SPORTS, Heat and Google teamed up to launch the Madden NFL 15 GIFERATOR, a one-of-a-kind experience that allows fans to interact with their favorite teams and players in a whole new way. The GIFERATOR is a live stream of animated GIFs made with Madden NFL 15 imagery, and designed to help fans celebrate their favorite team’s biggest plays and challenge their rivals, in real time as NFL game action unfolds.

With each big play, the GIFERATOR will generate a tailor-made set of GIFs to be customized and shared with friends and rivals. The GIFs will appear in real-time on MaddenGIFERATOR.com and in ads on popular sports and gaming-related apps and sites across the web. Fans can also take control of the GIFERATOR and design their own GIFS, choosing the team, the player, the background and the headline, ready for sharing. With content for all 32 teams updated in real-time as plays unfold, there will be no shortage of images for fans to celebrate their team’s successes and trash-talk their rivals.

With the GIFERATOR, fans now have a creative new way to challenge their rivals to a Madden NFL 15 showdown. Why simply Tweet at someone that you’re up for a game when you can create an animated GIF showing exactly how you’re going to beat them? With new content dynamically updating on the GIFERATOR throughout the NFL season it shouldn’t be too hard to come up with a fresh challenge every week.

TeamBackPack: New York Cyher

9-3-2014 1-43-57 PM

Check out this New York Cypher from TeamBackPack. There are talks of another one coming in 2015. This was done in 2013 and it’s still hot. Enjoy



September 2, 2014 – Today fans got their first taste of NBA LIVE 15 with the release of a brand-new trailer. The video showcases new features such as enhanced player likeness and new body types, along with updated footwear and accessories for the 2014-15 NBA season. Fans also get to check out NBA LIVE 15 cover athlete Damian Lillard in action in this year’s game. The video is composed of completely in-game footage, and every dribble, shot, dunk and move is something fans will be able to pull off themselves in the game.

NBA LIVE 15 arrives with the most photo-realistic visuals in franchise history and 500+ core gameplay improvements delivering a truly fluid, fun and authentic basketball gaming experience. Reimagined visuals drop you courtside alongside the game’s biggest stars. See the intensity on a player’s face as he nails a game-winner, or the frustration of a heart-wrenching loss. All-new real-time physics on dunks and layups replicate some of the NBA’s most amazing physical plays, letting you posterize your opponent or deny his attempt at the rim. Add into the mix always-connected online game modes and LIVE’s Synergy Sports partnership and you’ll never miss a beat during the NBA season with new content updated daily, all season long.

Okay so now that you have seen the video and read all of the about, let your voice be heard.



Lil Bibby – Free Crack 2


Lil Bibby – Free Crack 2

Lil Bibby has announced a follow up to his debut mixtape, Free Crack, with Free Crack 2.


1. Birdman Intro (Prod by DJ L)
2. Can I Have Your Attention (Prod by Bangladesh & Brannu)
3. For The Low Pt 2 Feat. Wiz Khalifa & Juicy J (Prod by Goose)
4. Game Over Feat. Lil Herb (Prod by Dj L)
5. I Love To Hustle (Prod by Mitch)
6. Dead Or In Prison (Prod by C Biz)
7. Montana Feat. Juicy J (Prod by Juicy J Awree & Crazy Mike)
8. Can I Get (Prod by Needlz and Donut)
9. Ace and Lulu
10. Boy Feat. T.I. (Prod by P Lo)
11. I Be On It (Prod by Sak Pase)
12. What You Live For (Prod by Kane)
13. Ace Rico Calvin
14. We Are Strong Feat. Kevin Gates (Prod by DJ Pain 1)
15. Tomorrow (Prod by Honorable C NOTE)
16. [BONUS] Water Remix Feat. Jadakiss & A Hamilton (Prod by Black Metaphor)
17. [BONUS] Hispanic Feat. Zuse & Rock City (Prod by Sonny Digital)
18. [BONUS] We Made It (Prod by Cash Money AP)


Thursday August 28, West coast rapper Problem surprises fans with a
‘354: Lift Off Mixtape in anticipation of his 21-city Lift Off Tour which kicks off in Santa Barbara, CA September 3rd. Problem’s mixtape features 14 new tracks presented by the LA Leakers, resident DJ’s on Power 106 and Shade 45. Problem also teams up with actor/rapper Childish Gambino, his label mate Bad Lucc, internet sensation Bobby Schmurda, among others.
Problem has also partnered up with Complex Magazine to run a 354: Lift Off ticket contest. The campaign starts today and ends September 15th. Fans can win a pair of tickets in select cities.
8-29-2014 9-20-28 AM

“I’ve been having a lot of fun recording music lately. Diamond Lane has been grinding in the studio getting this music ready for y’all. I’ve been in the studio with all types of artists and producers making different types of shit,” says Problem. “Can’t wait for y’all to hear some new music from me. Shout out to the LA Leakers for putting this together! We had a blast!”

While waiting for Problem to come to their city, fans can also catch Problem on the Top 10 smash ‘Walk Thru’ with Rich Homie Quan , The Game’s single “Or Nah” and T.I.’s upcoming album. Also keep an eye out for Problem to debut his new single, a follow-up to club anthem “Like Whaaat” while on tour.










09. WHAT IS 354?







Sept. 3 – Santa Barbara, CA – Velvet Jones

Sept. 5 – Oakland, CA – Grand Live

Sept. 6 – Sacramento, CA – Assembly

Sept. 7 – Chico, CA – Senator Theatre

Sept. 8 – Reno, NV – Knitting Factory

Sept. 9 – Portland, OR – Analog Café and Theatre

Sept. 10 – Seattle, WA – Neumos

Sept. 11 – Spokane, WA – Swaxx Nightclub

Sept. 12 – Boise, ID – Knitting Factory

Sept. 13 – Billings, MT – Carline Events Center

Sept. 16 – Minneapolis, MN – Cabooze

Sept. 17 – Chicago, IL – Sub-T

Sept. 18 – Appleton, WI – X-Tra 920

Sept. 19 – Lawrence, KS – Granada Theatre

Sept. 20 – Lincoln, NE – Bourbon Theatre

Sept. 21 – Colorado Springs, CO – Rawkus

Sept. 22 – Denver, CO – Fox Theatre

Sept. 23 – Phoenix, AZ – Joe’s Grotto

Sept. 24 – Tucson, AZ – Rialto Theatre


Compton rapper Problem catapulted into the national spotlight with his radio smash “Like Whaaat” in the spring of 2013. With the trendsetting single topping West Coast playlists, its music video spent several weeks on BET’s 106 and Park countdown. The video is full of hip-hop ambassadors (Snoop Dogg, Dogg Pound and E-40), and quickly surprised 1 million views on YouTube .

Never one to stay within genre lines, Problem will continue his exploration in the EDM world following his Coachella appearance and collaborations with RL Grime, Salva, UZ on a feature with House DJ and Hard Events founder Destructo.

Website: www.DiamondLaneMusicGroup.com 


Instagram: @Problem354 


Twitter: @itsaPROBLEM 

#TEAMQUINCY vs #TEAMCHRISBROWN Celebrity Flag Football Charity Game


Check out the footage from the #TEAMQUINCY vs #TEAMCHRISBROWN Celebrity Flag Football Charity Game.

How I Became A Konsole King

Butcher Black 12

Welcome to my first Podcast on Spreaker.com. In this episode I take the time to share something about myself on how I became a Konsole King

Madden NFL 15 Review and Impressions

With Madden NFL 15 set to drop August 26th #MaddenSeason is in full effect. To get gamers ready for #MaddenSeason EA dropped Madden NFL 15 in the EA Access Vault to try out for 6 hours total gameplay time. If you like it you can buy it when the game goes live and keep right on playing. That will prove to be a life saver for those that dread going to GameStop to get the game. Being that you have already downloaded the trial purchasing it makes the 14 GB plus download go live an you don’t have to do anything else.

Okay enough of that, let’s get into the review. I have had the game for a week this past Friday and………I LOVE IT!!! It feels brand new and built for this current gen console.

Interactive Experience


So I got an email from an EA PR rep asking if I got the game and that there was something special they didn’t mention about the game I should check out when I put it in. What I saw blew me away.

Madden NFL 15 for the first time players will find themselves in the waning minutes of a fictional 2015 NFC Championship Game between the Carolina Panthers and the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks commit a costly turnover, giving the Panthers a chance to rally for victory with a short field and under two minutes left to play.

I took control of Cam Newton and the Panthers offense in an attempt to overcome Seattle’s ferocious Legion of Boom, and Madden NFL 15 Cover Athlete Richard Sherman. My drive took all of 2 plays and the game was over.


Once the game is over, a video will play showing some of the various modes and features in the game, players will choose their preferred settings and then your first stop will be in Skills Trainer. From here, players are welcome to learn new game mechanics and tune up their skills, or if you’d prefer to jump straight into the action you can head to the main menu and begin playing the game in earnest.


The gameplay to me has made a nice change from what was brought to the current generation console versus what was on the last generation consoles. This year is feels like Madden NFL 15 have takes steps to improve the defense and make playing defense more entertaining than ever before. You can utilize new tackling mechanics, pass rush moves and snap-jumping abilities to disrupt the offense, and new defensive cameras show the game from a whole new perspective. This defensive focus has allowed for a true balance between the offense and defense, making playing both sides of the ball equally fun and rewarding.

The Right Play at the Right Time

If you are a longtime Madden NFL player you will likely notice that the play call screen has been redone this year, with an added emphasis on data (lots and lots of data). While traditionalists can still call plays based on formations and/or personnel, new options have been introduced to provide a deeper level of customization and access. First off, those looking for suggested plays can now make calls based on strategy, community or favorites. All three methods employ situational play calling, similar to what NFL coaches do. Most teams don’t pull from their entire playbook, instead opting to utilize a handful of formations and plays which are likely to be effective. Thus, rather than cycling through 300+ offensive and defensive plays in Madden NFL 15, players can utilize advanced strategic AI to help narrow the focus to the plays most likely to succeed in a given situation.

Strategy picks are designed with the current down and distance in mind, with an eye toward your opponent’s tendencies. These plays will display the opposition’s favorite formations in a given situation, and give you options to beat that play.

Community picks are drawn from the millions of Madden NFL online games played, with data being fed back into the game servers. Using telemetry from these games we are able to provide suggested plays based on what is effective in the Madden NFL community in a given situation. This data will be updated regularly throughout the season, so as new strategies are employed and new plays gain prominence you will begin seeing them surfaced in this tab.

Favorites are based on plays you’ve  called before in a given situation, along with stats regarding average number of yards gained. If you have a specific play you like to pull out in 2nd and long or 3rd and short then you’ll find it in this tab. No more rummaging through the playbook to find that old reliable.

In addition to play suggestions, you can also sort plays by concept, opening up new layers of strategic depth. For instance, if you know you want to run the Flood pass concept but aren’t sure where to find it in your playbook, simply select the Flood concept and you’ll see all your plays that employ it. This also works on defense for zone coverage, man-to-man, blitzes and more. Concepts provide a handy shortcut when you know what you want to do on a given play, but don’t want to spend time paging through formations to find the play that you want.

No matter what play you call, afterward you will get instant feedback on what play you ran, what your opponent called and the result. By seeing the exact plays, as well as the play result, players now have a powerful learning tool to help learn which plays are effective or ineffective against others.




Madden NFL 15 completely overhauls the way the game looks, from pregame through the final whistle. Gone are the same old camera angles and same old celebrations, instead replaced with a dynamic new presentation package helmed by an Emmy-winning former NFL Films cinematographer. The result is a whole new look and feel for a new generation of Madden NFL. So with that being said if a friend were to walk in they would probably think you are watching a real game.


Player models have received major enhancements in Madden NFL 15, with faces, bodies, uniforms, equipment and more being improved and optimized for next-gen consoles. Throughout this past offseason the Madden NFL dev team has hit the road, visiting various NFL teams and head-scanning the majority of their rosters. While we don’t currently have every single player’s scans yet, most of the star players are scanned and the upgrade is immediately noticeable. The power of next-gen consoles also allows us to do more than ever with fabrics, textures, pads, equipment and more, making the players more closely resemble their true selves. Take a close look at Colin Kaepernick or Cam Newton to see just how closely players in Madden NFL 15 replicate their counterparts


From the moment you start up the game you will begin to see new camera angles and presentation packages at work. From the new kickoff camera that swoops in low and follows the ball as it leaves the tee to the NFL Films video packages that accompany QB run-outs, new shots abound in Madden NFL 15. At the end of each play on-field players will react organically to the results, with dynamic celebrations and reactions occurring in real-time. Gone are the cut-away videos with the same handful of actions repeated over and over, replaced instead with a more lifelike experience showcasing player spontaneity and emotion.


In addition to the defensive cameras listed above, players can also cycle through multiple offensive cameras right at the line of scrimmage. Simply pressing up or down on the control pad while at the line will zoom the camera in or out, providing exactly the perspective you need on any given play. When running up the middle it may be advantageous to get tight with the Zoom camera to see holes form and read the flow of defenders. Conversely, quick-hitting pass plays like wide receiver screens benefit from a much wider camera, as you can see which players are open immediately after the snap and hit them before the defense has a chance to react. It’s also possible to utilize the All 22 camera which NFL coaches use to scout the opposition. This zoomed-out shot allows you to see the entire offense and defense (hence the name “All 22”), and can be helpful in identifying formations, coverages,play direction, holes in the defense and more.


Madden NFL 15 provides the franchise’s first true halftime show, featuring studio host Larry Ridley. At the half, Ridley will recount the action so far, complete with highlight clips and commentary on scores, turnovers and other big, momentum-shifting plays. Ridley’s commentary is tailored to the situation, calling out specific players, yardages and scores to provide an entertaining, complete picture of the action.

Ridley’s presence is also felt in pre-game, as he sets the stage for the upcoming matchup, previewing major storylines like team rivalries, player spotlights and more. His commentary accompanies an all-new pregame sequence, which is designed to get players to the action faster than ever before.

Larry Ridley brings immense sports broadcasting experience to the Madden NFL franchise, as he serves as the sports director and anchor of WESH-TV in Orlando, FL. Ridley’s deep sports knowledge and natural broadcasting ability adds a whole new dimension to game-day presentation in Madden NFL 15.



While Madden NFL 15 first and foremost strives to provide fans with a fun simulation football experience, it is also a goal to teach players more about the game of football. In order to accomplish this task, a great deal of attention has been paid to new tutorial and on-boarding tools. This year, Skills Trainer has been expanded to teach some basic football concepts in addition to in-game stick skills, and the new Gauntlet mode seeks to test the ability of the best Madden NFL players. Taken together, both modes will provide users the best chance of success in this year’ game.



So here is where I start to break down the EA part of my review to the way I see things.  I have been playing Madden for years and like most of  us we learn from labing (To lab in Madden or any video game means to play with or against someone on how to play the game and learn the ins and outs of the game) and playing friends. Well now you can still lab or go to the skills trainer for some Madden NFL 15 1-on-1.


Skills Trainer has been expanded to nearly 50 tutorials and drills, complete with videos narrated by Bill Courtney. He walks you through the basics of whatever lesson you have selected, pointing out keys that will help lead to in-game success. Now this is key. A lot of people pay for this info yearly from sites that break down the game like this and offer up tutorial videos and EA and Madden have been paying attention to the community and what is going on have stepped their game up.


The ultimate goal of Skills Trainer is to provide players with the tools and abilities necessary to help make them both better Madden NFL players as well as more knowledgeable football fans.  I have been in many a community chat of in leagues with guys that I thought knew football that didn’t know shit except how to run they mouth and take L’s.



Available within the Skills Trainer menu, The Gauntlet allows players to put their Madden NFL skills and football knowledge to the ultimate test. The Gauntlet features 40 increasingly difficult challenges testing all facets of your game. Early challenges may be as simple as utilizing Acceleration Burst to gain a couple yards, while more complex stages require advanced skill at reading the defense or, conversely, containing a high-powered offense.


These challenges go beyond simple drills and game situations though, as every five levels features a unique boss stage that puts a crazy twist on proceedings. For instance, the very first boss stage requires you kick a 110-yard field goal in hurricane force winds; while a later challenge will drop you into media day at the Super Bowl, as you try to score a touchdown while dodging not only defenders, but cameramen, sound engineers and even your own teammates.

Every time you start up The Gauntlet you are given five lives to try and progress as far as you can through the modes 40 stages. Fail, and you start over from the beginning, with a new set of randomized challenges that you must attempt to conquer. Cam Newton, the voice of The Gauntlet, will warn you about incoming bosses, and even throw in a little smack talk when you lose a stage. This high score chase is sure to create competition amongst friends and rivals, as friends compete amongst themselves and the larger Madden NFL community to be the first to conquer The Gauntlet’s challenge. There are whispers that an even greater challenge lurks beyond level 40, do you have the talent to see it for yourself?

This mode is the most fun I’ve had in a skills trainer for Madden NFL 15. Having played ball from little league to College I can identify to all of the drills and the feels I got from going through them. From the Oklahoma drill to the read and attack defense drills and on and on. This version of Madden will have be playing this more then before and I feel that those that lack still skills with benefit from it greatly.



In addition to all the improvements in gameplay, presentation and tutorials and onboarding, fan-favorite modes Connected Franchise and Ultimate Team have also received substantial upgrades to make them more approachable, engaging and fun for both new and returning users. I personally don’t play this mode that much, but I just may this year.

Connected Franchise



New this year is a confidence stat that is possessed by each player. Everyone is rated from 1-99, with all players defaulting to 50 to start the year. As the season progresses, players gain or lose confidence based on factors such as on-field performance, trades, teammates being signed or released, etc. As players gain confidence, some of their key ratings will increase, leading them to play especially well; as they lose confidence, these same ratings can take a hit, which will result in generally poorer performance.


As mentioned above, several factors influence player confidence, and not all actions have an equal impact. For instance, getting blown out by a division rival at home will cause players to lose a big chunk of their confidence, while losing by a narrow margin on the road won’t affect it much at all. Going on a win streak will increase confidence, as will signing a great player at a need position. As is typically the case in football, winning makes everything better, but if you go on a losing streak expect to see it reflected in your team’s performance as they start to question themselves.

Game Prep


Player confidence is tied strictly to on-field performance, it can also be influenced by preparation. This year, the new Game Prep feature allows you to allocate time for your team to boost confidence or player XP, whichever you prefer. Every week during the downtime between games you are allowed to spend an allocated amount of time performing activities that will boost player confidence or XP. You can mix-and-match activities, perhaps spending time improving the confidence of veterans who have reached their max stat potential, while also putting rookies and backups through drills to earn XP and secure the future of the team.


CPU-controlled teams are also managing Game Prep each week, and you’ll see that they emphasize certain activities based on team composition. Veteran squads like the 49ers and Seahawks will likely devote most of their time to confidence since most of their roster is already playing at peak potential. However, a young team like the Jags will probably spend more time gaining XP and trying to improve players since they can use the extra skill boost.


Connected Franchise has seen several other enhancements as well, including free agents evaluating scheme, coach and fit in addition to money offered, truly random draft classes for incoming rookies, branching incoming rookie storylines and an easier way to upgrade players, coaches and owners. Also, relocation uniforms have been redesigned this year, with more variety in the uniform choices. We have also included several community winners from our uniform design contest.


Weekly goals have also been tuned to provide more variety and more accurately reflect your role on the team. We’ve also made it easier to track player progression or regression so you know exactly which way a given player is trending.


Whew!!!!! Man that was a lot of information to put out there. Thanks to EA Sports my source for a lot of the information, but here are my impressions of Madden 15.

  • GamePlay Rating: 10
    • This game has delivered in what feels like a new game for the current gen console. The offense, defense, special teams all feel good.
    • It will take some getting use to with the controls but like most things in gaming you can adjust
    • Button mashing is back. For those that are not that good with your stick skills Madden overs up the hit stick via the X button now.
  • Presentation: 10
    • Madden NFL 15 delivers a fresh new approach to football gaming.
    • The cinematography is on point and then some.
    • Crisp HD imagery
    • Field views are on point
    • The cutaways  and coming back after breaks with the NFL corporate sponsors ads feels like the a true NFL Broadcast
  • Mut/Connected Franchise Ratings: 10
    • The way MUT looks this season it has impressed me to fully try it this year
    • The features added to Connected Franchise are freaking AWESOME.
    • Film study, confidence, training, game prep, etc. are things that have been missing for years and have finally been added.

All in all Madden NFL 15 is a very solid game in my opinion and a must have for this upcoming fall game release. I highly suggest that you take advantage of the Skills Trainer to help you improve your game if you are a Madden Vet and it will help teach you the game if you are a novice.

Let your voices be heard, leave a comment below








August 15, 2014 – Today EA SPORTS officially kicked off Madden Season with a humorous ad campaign video featuring Kevin Hart and Dave Franco. The video demonstrates how friends become frenemies during Madden Season, when rivalries heat up and you’ll stop at nothing to get the win. The full video is available above.

In addition to Hart and Franco, the spot also features cameos from other up-and-coming celebrities and young athletes including Colin Kaepernick, LeSean McCoy, Dez Bryant, Von Miller and Damian Lillard. Even the guys from the popular YouTube show, Epic Meal Time, join in on the fun. In a first for the Madden NFL franchise, the spot makes its debut online several days before it will hit broadcast television.

Madden NFL 15 allows players to transform into their rival’s worst nightmare with a new breed of defense, built to challenge the best offenses in the NFL. A new arsenal of pass rush moves, an intuitive tackling system, improved coverage logic, and immersive new camera angles make defense more exciting and fun than ever. Fans can call plays with confidence thanks to an all-new crowd-sourced recommendation engine built from millions of online games played by the Madden NFL community.  Add in all-new NFL Films inspired presentation and it’s not just football, it’s Madden Season.