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X-Men: Days of Future Past

soul amazing (part three) by blu


If you gonna get back into the blogging game why not bring you something dope.  Shout out to my people from Ambrosia for Heads for turning me on to blu. Soul Amazing (part three) delivers that Hip Hop all OG Heads and Hip Hop purist have been wanting. This is number 3 in the Soul Amazing series and for the money you get more than the sticker price. Check it out for yourself.



Yes my long overdue review of EA SPORTS NCAA FOOTBALL 14 is finally here. I know I’m late to the party, but better late then never. I decided to take my time with this as I did not want to write a review and then do a half ass follow up later after playing 50M games. So without further delay here it is.



EA’s NCAA Football 14 has to be one of the most exciting in this series in a long time. Last years game was good but this game offer so much more. The new infinity engine 2.o fits well with NCAA and the overall game play feels good. The overall look of the game is amazing. The graphics have been updated along with lighting, stadiums and new cut scenes. How the game starts off feels like it is a straight up ESPN production. They have incorporated all new chants that are ever popular in college stadiums, NFL, Soccer, etc. nowadays. Playing in the Notre Dame vs Michigan game, Kickoff classics or any SEC game to hear “Woah Oh Oh Oh” by Seven Nation Army has to send chills through you coming from a 5.1 surround sound system of a set of Astro Gaming headsets. Overall I’d give the Presentation a solid A. It could be an A+ with more sideline interaction from players coming off on the bench getting heated or coaches getting in a players face more over bonehead plays.


Game Play:

The biggest improvement that I’ve seen in the game this year is the revamped running game becoming more fluid and smoother then last years game. The fact that you can truck a defender and see the defender fly like Earl Campbell or like Christian Okoye (Google and YouTube them) use to do to defensive backs did back in the day. The passing game……well that takes some getting use to. The windows have become much tighter because of improved AI on defense. The throwing a wide receiver open is a skill you must master. Now just because you throw him open doesn’t mean he will always catch the ball. Timely hits and the inability to secure the ball before a hit will always lead to a incomplete pass unless your receiver has a high catch rating or catch in traffic rating. Mastering the route tree and the types of throws including the back shoulder fades must be worked on in practice to become a great passer.

Having patience in the running game is also key. LAY OFF THE TRIGGER……. I can’t stress this enough. You do not need to use your speed burst until you are through the line of scrimmage. Using the left analog stick will have you cutting on a dime left, right, forward and back. The right analog stick activates the juke moves. You can combo the moves to make even more spectacular plays. A strong run game will open up lots of possibilities in your passing game.

With the improvements on Offense you Defense has to be on point. Infinity Engine 2.0 bring in physics that were never really there before. If you come blazing up to make a tackle and try to change your momentum at the last minute you will be on a Sports Center Highlight and possibly C’MON MAN with Chris Carter Monday Night. You have to make tackles under control in the game this year and going for the strip doesn’t always work. Stopping the run game is key as more and more teams move to the read option offense and play action passing. The defensive line finesse moves have been upgraded with an impressive swim and hump move added. The Ball Hawk feature is very helpful for those that need help in intercepting passes along with the Heat Seeker function that was added for more bone jarring hits to separate the ball carrier from the ball and force turnovers.



The features that you know and love are still there with the addition of Ultimate Team. Ultimate Team for NCAA 14 is like MUT (Madden Ultimate Team) but with College greats and past stars. Buying packs and looking for that one player or players to get you to that Ultimate Team will give you hours of fun and can add up dollar wise too. You’ve have to play a tone of games to get the coins needed to build your team so your Microsoft Account will get a nice workout this season.

Online Dynasty has always been near and dear to me and continues to be. I love the improvements  that were made and the ease of use for recruiting. “Set It and Forget It…” many of you all my know that from infomercials well that saying applies to recruiting this year. Pick your players set the amount of points to apply to a recruit out of the 5k given and you are done. those points will be applied every week until you sign him or he leave you at the alter to sign with someone else. You still need wiggle room to scout and offer a scholarship along with setting up visits.

All in all setting up a regular dynasty, custom dynasty either way you will enjoy this mode as much as I have.



This feature right here hits close to home with me. Many of you may know me for my HBCU teams created using TEAM BUILDER. I have been using this feature ever since it came out and have been in talks with Ben Haumiller and his staff on how to make it better. I was soo0 looking forward to this tears updates to TEAM Builder but I only say a few updates. New stadiums, fixed helmet numbers and that is about it. No new uniforms, helmet paint, more area for logos and patches, etc. I hope on the Next Gen consoles this gets addressed, but as for now I’m still using it and the community is please with the product I’m putting out with the help of TEAM Builder.


My use of  TEAM BUILDER was more then let me create some teams it was let me create some teams that the better half of the community want and they are not in the game like they use to be. I’m talking about FCS, DII & DIII schools all that are classified as HBCU’s (Historic Black Colleges and Universities). The schools are historic for a period in time with Blacks were not afforded or given the opportunity of higher education with White schools of higher learning. This has all changed, now these schools still have a high enrollment of African Americans but more and more white, Hispanic and other nationalities go to the schools because of the quality of education they will receive and at much lower price and they programs that are offered rival the other schools.


In the schools that were created the CIAA, MEAC, SIAC and SWAC, alumni from all the schools, players and fans have given great support to me and it was all done just because the tool was there to do so. Team Builder allows you to create teams that are forgotten or just not even thought of do to licencing. With that being said Team Builders like myself may become more useful due to the recent NCAA decision to end it’s contract with EA because of the likeness law suite. It is refreshing that I’ve been approached by players at smaller schools that love the fact that I’m showing love to their school and teams. I only do rosters by request from the players only otherwise it is a generic roster that anyone who downloads can edit in an online and offline dynasty.


The community reaction for TEAM BUILDER has been amazing. Speaking for myself I’ve created a Google Plus Community for HBCU Football based on this feature alone. TEAM BUILDER allows you to be creative and also keep teams alive for others to enjoy.



I took my time in playing a lot of games in NCAA Football 14 and studying the game, game play, presentation and TEAM BUILDER. This game is a great improvement over last years and a pleasant surprise. The new infinity engine adds to the game and brings it to life in a way it needed last year. Game Play and Presentation is right on point in my opinion. The custom stadium sounds has a noticeable sound issue before it starts. Hopefully EA will fix this soon as it does take away from the game with used. With so much talk about Next Gen this game will only be on the current Gen when they release the XBOX ONE and PS4 in November. It is still a must buy and well worth it for the last NCAA Game to be made in a while.

Konsole Kingz XBOX Live Community Playdate: Avatar Motocross Madness


Come join me and my fellow Konsole Kingz as we plan to ride out in Avatar Motocross Madness on XBOX Live August 8th at 8 pm, est. Fill out the form below to register for a night of Fun and become part of theKonsole Kingz Gaming Family“.

Win Skull Candy SLYR Headset and New Black Ops 2 Vengeance DLC


We teamed up with our friends over at Evil Source Gaming to bring you the first ever co-hosted game night for Black Ops 2, its next Wednesday, July 17 at 8pm est and 5pm est for our west coast fam. We will be streaming live on Konsole Kingz and Evil Source Gaming.

Almost forgot to mention we will be giving away the new Vengeance DLC and for one grand prize winner we will be giving away the new Skull Candy SLYR universal gaming headset and I can tell you first hand that they are TRILL!

To play and be entered to win click HERE.

 Invites will be sent from the Gamertags below

·         ESG Gator

·         Sergiodapro

Busta Rhymes at Sound Nightclub – “Twerk It” music video release party


I was invited to the #TwerkIt launch and release party Sunday, but unfortunately I was unable to attend. Last night, at SOUND Nightclub, Busta Rhymes celebrated the release of his “Twerk It” music video.  Busta performed his new track and the crowd erupted – there were booty girls with “Twerk It” throughout the club on podiums showing how “Twerking” is done!
Busta Rhymes on the mic at Twerk It launch at Sound Nightclub2

With the release of “Twerk It” this provocative form of dancing originating from Jamaica already a huge internet craze is now bound to hit the mainstream!   Recently “Twerking” hit the news when Miley Cyrus was caught on tape “Twerking” at a Juicy J performance

Busta Rhymes at Twerk It launch at Sound Nightclub

The ‘Twerk It” track which features Nicki Minaj and was produced by Pharrell Williams, is out now and is sung in a West Indian dialect. Images courtesy of Troy Acevedo.

Busta Rhymes at Twerk It launch at Sound Nightclub with Twerkit Girls

NBA 2K14 to Include Top Euroleague Basketball Teams for First Time in Series


2K Sports and Euroleague Basketball announce exclusive licensing partnership; 14 of the top teams from the Turkish Airlines Euroleague included in NBA 2K14 


Join the conversation on Twitter using the hash tag #NBA2KEuroleague

New York, NY and Barcelona – July 2, 2013 – 2K Sports and Euroleague Basketball announced today an exclusive multi-year global partnership that will see top teams from the Turkish Airlines Euroleague available in NBA 2K14, the next installment of the top-selling and top-rated NBA video game simulation franchise*, for the PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®4 systems; the Xbox 360® games and entertainment system from Microsoft; and Xbox One®, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft. This will mark the first time Euroleague teams have appeared in the critically acclaimed NBA 2K series.  Fourteen teams in total will be integrated as playable teams in NBA 2K14, allowing fans of European basketball to pit their local teams against the biggest teams from the NBA.

“We’re absolutely delighted to welcome top Euroleague teams into the NBA 2K series,” said Jason Argent, Senior Vice President of Sports Operations at 2K.  “European basketball has an incredibly passionate following, and we’re all excited to give fans the opportunity to take on Europe’s best in NBA 2K14.”

“We are very proud to collaborate with 2K Sports by introducing our teams and players into the best basketball video game in the world,” added Mr. Jordi Bertomeu, Euroleague Basketball President and CEO.  “With this partnership, we’re able to bring fans one step closer to the action by ushering the Euroleague into the global gaming community.”

The fourteen teams to be included in NBA 2K14 are:

•         Alba Berlin;
•         FC Barcelona;
•         Real Madrid;
•         CSKA Moscow;
•         EA7 Emporio Armani Milano;
•         Montepaschi Siena;
•         Fenerbahçe Ülker Istanbul;
•         Anadolu Efes Istanbul;
•         Olympiacos Piraeus;
•         Panathinaikos Athens;
•         Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv;
•         Zalgiris Kaunas;
•         Unicaja Málaga;
•         Laboral Kutxa Vitoria.

Developed by Visual Concepts, a 2K studio, NBA 2K14 is not yet rated by the ESRB. Fans that pre-order for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 systems will receive the King James Bonus Pack at no extra cost on day-one — October 1, 2013 in North America and October 4, 2013 internationally. NBA 2K14 will also be coming to PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One®, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, later this year.

*According to 2008 – 2013 Metacritic.com and The NPD Group estimates of U.S. retail video game sales through May 2013.

For more information on 2K Sports, visit www.2KSports.com.

For more information on NBA 2K14, visit https://www.facebook.com/NBA2K.

2K Sports is a division of 2K, a publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTWO).

About Euroleague Basketball

A global leader in sports management, Euroleague Basketball is enjoying its second decade of sustained growth as an innovative organizer of elite competitions and events. It now manages the continent’s two premier basketball competitions, the Turkish Airlines Euroleague and the Eurocup, consisting of more than 50 teams from as many as 25 countries. Euroleague Basketball also directs the Nike International Junior Tournament, which crowns a young men’s continental champion each spring. Through the Euroleague Basketball Institute and One Team, the company promotes educational and charitable initiatives as varied as coaching clinics and communitarian integration initiatives throughout its markets.

25 Most Social YouTube Channels Worldwide Dominated by Gamers, Vloggers & Webisodes: SimulTV Study

 SELMA, VA– Gamers, vloggers and webisode creators are the savviest social content creators among the 200 most subscribed YouTube channels, according to a study commissioned by startup social TV provider SimulTV. The analysis – conducted by Evolve! Inc. in partnership with social listening service MutualMind – reveals that these three categories account for 19 of the 25 channels with the most engaged audiences, and all of the top 10. With only one traditional broadcast television channel and five music channels ranking in the top 25, the findings demonstrate that artists who grew up on digital networks are building more engaged digital audiences on YouTube than big-budget TV networks and record labels.    


SimulTV commissioned the study to identify the content creators who have mastered the art and science of building strong and lasting connections with viewers, as well as to pinpoint the techniques used by social TV leaders to successfully build engaged communities. The study results highlight the success of content created by nonprofessionals for people who share their interests and sense of humor, instantly creating a personal connection that encourages social conversation.  A prime example is the gaming community, which had the largest representation on the list.


The #1 engaged channel according to the study is venomextreme, the nom de plume of a Brazilian gamer with over 600 videos including raucous takeoffs on games like Minecraft and Tomb Raider.  Also in the top 10 are six other gaming channels (pewdiepiemachinimarespawnwhiteboy7thstroosterteethmachinima and thesyndicateproject). They are joined by comedian raywilliamjohnsonsmosh digital entertainment network and style vlogger missglamorazzi . The complete list is posted here[RC1] .


“Traditional broadcast channels fall into the trap of believing you should simply repurpose content for use in the digital space. This is a short-sighted view of an inherently interactive medium, as this study shows,” said Steven Turner, CEO of SimulTV.   “The traditional broadcast industry can learn how to attract, retain and engage viewers by examining what the most successful newcomers are doing.”


Study authors analyzed social actions related to 186,950 videos published by the top 200 subscribed YouTube channels, cumulatively representing over 144 billion views, 520 million comments and one billion likes. Rankings were based on a proprietary algorithm that weighted subscribes, comments, likes and views factoring in variables including lifetime activity as well as recency.  The study found that:


·       The number of subscribers does not necessarily increase social engagement activities. Eight of the top 10 most engaged channels have over 2 million subscribers, but so do three of the least engaged channels.

·       The 19 gamers, vloggers and webisode creatorsin the top 25 have amassed 21.8 billion lifetime views, 315 million likes and 72 million subscribers, demonstrating the power of socially savvy artists to draw millions of highly engaged viewers on a shoestring budget.

·       Games and gaming channels comprise 40% of the top 25 engaged – a surprisingly high number considering they represent only 13% of the top 200 subscribed channels. That includes machinima, whose 4.3 billion lifetime views make it the most highly viewed channel among the 200 with the largest number of subscribers.

·       The only two VEVO channels in the top 25 are justinbiebervevo (#14) and pinkvevo (#19), despite the fact that nearly 12% of the top 200 subscribed channels are VEVO-sponsored.         

·       Brands, television and film channels are lagging in the engagement arena with only The XFactor UK channel earning a spot in the top 25. The next highest-ranking traditional broadcast program – The Ellen Show – scored only 64th on the list.


The analysis also found a number of best practices followed by the top 25, creating a digital road map for broadcasters seeking to build strong relationships with their audience. For example:


·       Most post new content at least twice a week, providing fresh material to spark frequent social interaction and keep followers coming back for more.

·       Channel creators themselves are active social participants, asking questions and responding in the comments and elsewhere online – truly reacting to viewersSome artists give shout-outs to viewers in their videos, and virtually all turn out content with such speed and frequency that they can pivot extremely quickly. The fans help shape future content and reward creators with loyalty.

·       All but two of the 25 most engaged link directly to their Twitter and Facebook accounts, and nearly half (12) of the 25 also link to additional networks such as Google+, Instagram or Tumblr.

·       The majority make extensive use of playlists, both for grouping videos with similar themes and for creating “best of” and other top content lists. This makes it easy for viewers who land on their home page to find content and also aids in search engine discovery.

·       Many design thumbnail images for their videos, focusing on faces, characters and large-font titles, instead of using simple screen grabs.


“What the top 25 have done remarkably well is build an engaged audience using highly resonant content about their personal beliefs or artistic vision and engaging in two-way conversations with viewers as often as possible across social media channels– Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and YouTube,” Turner added.   “This intimate relationship, and the ability of artists to monetize their following, will only improve as broadcast and social media merge as part of social television.”


About SimulTV

SimulTV is the first ‘TV Everywhere’ provider that integrates content and social sharing on the same screen, eliminating the need to view cable TV or video on demand on one device while chatting, tweeting, or otherwise socializing and searching on a second.  The result is a high-definition social TV and web browsing experience that supports today’s must-stay-socially-connected-while-watching-TV mindset seamlessly and naturally. The service is driven by proprietary technology developed by Interconnect Media Network Systems (IMN). To Beta test SimulTV, visit www.simultv.com.



June 10, 2013 – EA SPORTS unveiled today the first look at NBA LIVE 14 at the company’s E3 press conference, ushering in the future of basketball for the next generation. Exclusively for Xbox One® all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, and PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, NBA LIVE 14 will launch this fall.


Powered by the EA SPORTS IGNITE engine, NBA LIVE 14 will deliver the ultimate on-the-court control. Utilizing its new BounceTek technology, NBA LIVE 14 will introduce a revolutionary new, physics-based dribbling system. Whether it’s Ricky Rubio’s crossover or Kyrie Irving’s devastating between the legs dribble, one-on-one matchups take on a whole new meaning by putting the creativity and control at the core of every move.


By utilizing the same data used by all 30 NBA teams, more than 70 unique statistics and tendencies will fuel every single player on the court. From the way they move, to the way they play, to the decisions they make, NBA LIVE player will evolve throughout the season with updates from every NBA game within one hour of a game’s final buzzer. Gamers will now have a new experience every time they pick-up the controller.


Stay tuned throughout the summer for more information as NBA LIVE 14 makes its return to the court.


2D Boxshot Wizard v1.1

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – June 10, 2013 – Today Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) has officially announced Madden NFL 25 will be coming as a launch title for Xbox One® all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, and the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system. Madden NFL 25, powered by the new EA SPORTS IGNITE engine, ushers in the next generation of sports games by delivering the smartest, most realistic, most detailed version of the game in the franchise’s 25 year history.


“We’ve never been more ready for a console transition than we are right now,” said Cam Weber, General Manager of American Football for EA SPORTS. “The development team is crafting the most impressive Madden NFL game we’ve ever made, and I’m extremely excited for fans to get their hands on it for themselves when the Xbox One and PS4 launch.”


Coupled with this announcement is the introduction of Adrian Peterson as the cover athlete for Madden NFL 25 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Peterson, the Minnesota Vikings running back, is a five-time Pro Bowler and the reigning NFL MVP. Last season Peterson came within 9 yards of breaking the NFL single-season rushing record set by Eric Dickerson.



Madden NFL 25 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 brings innovative new features such as True Step Locomotion, Player Sense, the War in the Trenches and more to create an experience that can only be found on next-generation consoles. Here’s an overview of what fans can expect in the most technologically advanced game in the franchise’s 25 year history:



  • ·         Next Definition Visuals

o    Madden NFL has never looked so real. See every nuance of a player’s face, equipment, and clothing as the line blurs between the players in the game and their real-life counterparts. Up to 4x the texture resolution breathes new life into stadiums, crowds, the field, and even the ball itself.  Combined with high-fidelity animations that deliver the smoothest, most authentic looking player interactions ever, Madden NFL 25 delivers Next Definition visuals.   



  • ·         Every Step Is Calculated

o    The all-new True Step player motion system calculates every step, delivering unprecedented control.  Players now have the ability to foot-plant, cut, and shift momentum in an authentic way, unlocking the agility and explosiveness of the NFL athlete.  EA SPORTS IGNITE run-time physics calculate at twice the rate allowing for the most organic, user-driven outcomes in franchise history.  Combined with the precision modifier’s vast combination of ball carrier moves, Madden NFL has never felt this good.



  • ·         Brains & Brawn

o    All-new Player Sense unlocks the human element in Madden NFL.  For the first time, players scan the field, anticipate situations before they happen, and maneuver with instincts and awareness. The ability to make up to 50x as many contextual decisions brings intelligent ball-carriers and defenders to life, as they sense obstacles and react on the fly. Ball-carriers leap over fallen players, blitzing linebackers slide past teammates on their way to the QB and so much more, combining the physical aspects of football with the mental.

  • ·         War in the Trenches

o    Offensive and defensive line play is at the heart of football, and now it’s the foundation ofMadden NFL 25.  Lineman are more than just physical, they are intelligent.  Coupled with the ability to make 4x more decisions per second, 300 new blocking interactions create the most realistic running lanes for the ball-carrier and passing pockets for the QB.  Offensive lineman will dynamically sort and shift assignments based on threats and angles, starting with intelligently identifying the center of the defense, the “Mike” linebacker. The defensive side of the ball features over 3x more new defensive line moves, as well as the latest blitz packages.  Authentic double teams, blitz pick-ups, and line shifts showcase units working together as one, highlighting the most physical and intense battles in the NFL.  Welcome to the War in the Trenches.



  • ·         Madden Living World

o    The NFL is so much more than just what happens between the lines.  It’s the crowds, sidelines, and commentary that truly bring the emotion of Sunday to life.  In Madden NFL 25, feel the anxiety of the crowd as you step up to the line on 4th and goal.  Watch your teammates and coaches erupt with excitement as you blaze down the sideline for a game-changing score.  Hear the most intelligent commentary in franchise history, as Jim Nantz, Phil Simms and our new sideline reporter Danielle Bellini follow everything about your career. From injuries to accolades they’ll bring your career to life like never before.